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The HOTPIXEL is a USB-powered virtual com port 8×8 RGB LED kit. The basis is a Cortex-M0+ and uses PCA9634 LED drivers. This design will feature the ability to control third party lights (expandable to other devices), daisy chain multiple HOTPIXELs, and load your own firmware via open bootloader and SD card. Video files can be specifically encoded and played back at 20fps so 8p move playback is possible. Image above is a snapshot of HOTPIXEL playing Blade Runner.


Latest bootloader+application, some notes:

  • These are designed to work with REV C hardware
  • The bootloader only boots the app, it does not update the application from SD card yet (but it does see the files in SD)
  • HOTPIXEL to HOTPIXEL communications are not supported yet



The changes from REV B are that we switched to a TI LED driver, which has current control, added hardware to link multiple HOTPIXELs together, and removed the 0402 resistor arrays. The design now has components on both sides, which may be changed in the near future. The form factor is identical.


This version of HOTPIXEL is in a new form-factor to better accommodate use for illumination. The design has switched over to using WS2812 5050 LEDs with built-in current drivers. The control is still done by an Freescale Cortex-M0+. The devices as a microUSB port and comes up as a CDC device allowing for individual LED control and has headers connected to RS232 ports to allow daisy chaining of modules. This design also features an illuminated rotary encoder to allow easy color/brightness change for all LEDs at the same time. Design files are not yet ready for public use but are available on request. More images: PCB, built PCB, front LEDs


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