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Public Projects

  • 2013CARD – a namecard/smt prototype board
  • ANTENNAS – a collection of various antennas
  • AVREMU – an Atmega328p emulator written in portable C, compatible with Arduino UNO
  • CALLER-ID – a device to investigate USB port security of mobile devices
  • CHROME-HERO – a simple GoPro Hero3+ holder for a Chrome bag
  • DRONE – a quadcopter with an Intel Edison
  • HOTPIXEL – a usb-based RGB matrix controller
  • M4NANO – a miniature development platform with a STM32F405 processor
  • NETIO – cloud-connected embedded device for 'internet of things' applications
  • OMNIDRIVE – an expansion module designed to drive AC, DC, BLDC, and stepper motors
  • PSU – a means to pretty-up an old, but good, HP DC supply
  • RFID-MULTITOOL – a RFID tool for reading/writing/emulating 13.56MHz devices
  • USBSEC – a miniature USB devices to aid with host security research
  • ZDEVICE – a small platform for 802.15.4 development, experimentation, and auditing

Design Files / Source Code

We are generally happy to provide individuals with access to design files and source code when requested, please feel free to use contact information below. Requests will be fulfilled as quickly as possible and the files will be released under the Revised BSD License. Eventually, 'released' versions of design files and source code will be uploaded to GitHub as dictated by demand.

Contact Information

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